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Randy Yang

L&D Leader, Author, and Solutions Architect

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Summary: What I Do

The best way to describe what I do is:

I Turn needs into plans, plans into designs, and designs into training.

That is, I create turn-key training solutions for organizational training.

My Background

I love helping people learn. I received a Master’s Degree in Education from UCLA and went straight to K12 education. Combining my hand-drawn cartoons with learning strategies, I made cartoons to help students learn. My students loved them and encouraged me to start a business with them.

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Eventually one thing led to another, I became a corporate L&D/Training professional. You can find examples of my work below

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Randy Yang

My Works

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Energy Resource Institute

I co-founded and designed this school for metal heat treatment, a sector of the metalworking industry. 

It is the first-ever digital training, assessment, and certification provider in the United States for that sector.


  • 24/7, Self-Paced, and Interactive Learning
  • Assessments
  • Certification
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT for selected groups)
  • Compliance code development for the American Welding Society, a regulatory body for the industry.

Example 1: Learning Design

This interactive, digital learning module is for a technical training topic: strengthening vessels with heating pads.

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Example 2: Learning Design

This video contains a few different examples of eLearning instructional design. 

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Platform/System Design (LMS)

I was the learning system architect behind this learning platform, which served as an LMS (learning management system) with bonus features.

  • Learners can purchase, self-manage, and track achievements.
  • Managers can manage and monitor the training progress of team members.
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Mobile Application: Knowledge Base for Field Performance

This is a project I led and delivered end-to-end. It involved the creation of a mobile app serving as a knowledge base for technical workers in the field.

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PowerPoint Presentation Design (Advanced Techniques)

This Microsoft PowerPoint presentation has been recorded on YouTube for easier access. It features advanced design techniques.

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Long Playlist: Many Examples

This is a long playlist of my work. You may have already watched some of the list’s items here, but there are also additional examples.

The list is hosted by my YouTube channel, so you are welcome to check that out, too.

Methodology: The Organizational L&D Pocket Guide (Publication)

This guidebook is a foundational and comprehensive guide on all aspects of organizational learning and development, including but not limited to instructional design, adult learning strategies, learning theories, technologies, collaborative leadership, and more. 
(Available on Amazon)

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Methodology: The Prior Knowledge of Learners

This is a playful, short analysis using the Pixar movie “Ratatouille” to illustrate how our learner’s prior knowledge not only help facilitate the learning process, it also improves the learning experience and engagement.

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Methodology: The Kirkpatrick Model in Assessment (Whitepaper)

This methodology-based white paper explains the application of the Kirkpatrick Model in assessment planning, including formative and summative assessments.

Designing Informative Ads for Marketing

This is a video summary of a marketing project I led. It involved It applied some instructional design methods to marketing and created informative, professional-sounding ads. The project involved ad design, audience analysis, web design, and data analytics.

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K12 Science Education: Ecology

This is video for K12 Science Education. The topic is related to biology, ecology, etc.

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